Services Committee

All Service Committee Meetings take place in the Council Office, Village Road, Denham, Bucks, UB9 5BN 

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6 Jan 20

19:30 to 21:30



3 Feb 20

Meeting rescheduled to 24 February 2020



2 Mar 20

Meeting Cancelled

6 Apr 20


4 May 20

1 Jun 20

6 Jul 20

7 Sep 20

5 Oct 20

2 Nov 20

7 Dec 20

Aims and Objectives of the Committee
  • To monitor street lighting across the parish
  • To progress concerns raised on highways and footpaths
  • To monitor provision of bus shelters
  • To inspect and maintain play areas and open spaces
  • To develop and maintain adult gym and exercise areas across the parish
  • To develop a Community Enterprise Scheme for the maintenance of the parish greens, roadside verges, footpaths and bridleways
  • Maintain and maximise usage of the allotments
  • Maintain public seating and further develop as needs are identified
  • Regular and adequate Training of Committee Members


Committee Members

Councillors Details 

Cllr William Davey
Cllr Marilyn Heath
Cllr Marilyn Hagon
Cllr Margaret Skelton
Cllr Samuel Sproul
Cllr Julia Walsh
Cllr Sharon Williams
Cllr Frank Duffy