Outside Gym Equipment

Denham parish council have installed two new adult Outdoor gyms one in Way & Tillard recreation ground and another in Knighton Way Lane 

The Proludic Urbanix Fitness range we installed consists of real gym equipment that allows users to exercise all of the main core muscle groups as well as undertaking cardio-vascular workouts. Signage on the equipment with QR tag technology linking to instructional videos on how to safely use the equipment (All Equipment is suitable for people aged 14 years and upwards).

For better usage of the equipment and even workout suggestions you can download the Proludic app on the Google app store or Apple app Store

We are also looking to install more into other play areas around Denham

Denham parish council would like to thank LAF For their funding towards making this project a success.


Chin Up and Dip 


Some example equipment

Abs Bench 



 Hydraulic Shoulder Press


Location of Equipment

Way & Tillard

Chin UP and Dip

Abs Bench

Hydraulic High Pulley

Hydraulic Stepper

Hydraulic Chest Press


Knighton Way Lane

 Hydraulic Triceps

Hydraulic Leg Press

Spinning Bicycle

Hydraulic Shoulder Press

Elliptical Trainer