Safe Places in Denham

Safe Place Scheme Members LogoThe Safe Place scheme gives vulnerable people a short term 'Safe Place' to go if they are feeling confused, scared or upset when out and about in their local town.

Shops, businesses and public buildings who are a Safe Place will display the Safe Place sticker in their window.

If a vulnerable person seeks help, members of staff would be expected to make a phone call if necessary (emergency contact details will be carried on their Safe Place member card), provide a temporary safe haven for them and also to reassure them and keep them safe until help and support arrives.

How do I get a Safe Place Member Card?

Please call the Community Safety Team - 01494 586535 or email and we will send a card out to you.

Please note it is not essential for you to have a card to be able to access this service but it will help if you have an emergency contact number for the staff to help you out.

I would like my business to be a part of the scheme but what will I need to do?

Businesses that wish to register their interest in the scheme can contact the Community Safety Team. Businesses should have two or more employees on the premises at any given time in order to handle situations presented to them while still being about to maintain business as usual.

Once signed up, businesses will receive a list of contact details so that the employees know who they can contact if a vulnerable individual presents themselves.

The following shops and businesses in Denham have already signed up to the Safe Places Scheme:

Station Parade:

  • Boots
  • Carter Duthie
  • Denham Railway Station
  • The Village Butchers
  • Co-op - North Orbital Rd
  • Hair by Debbie - Oxford Rd
  • Dale and Sons Funeral Directors - Penn Drive

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