Finance Committee

Finance Committees have been incorporated into Full Council Meetings except where special meetings such as budget setting and approval are required.

All Finance Meeting take place in the Council Office, Village Road, Denham, Bucks, UB9 5BN 

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Aims and Objectives of the Committee
  • To ensure that the council is fully accountable for all spending and has the proper financial checks in place to do so and maintains appropriate software for this task.
  • To ensure that the office I.T. systems are efficient and ‘up to the job’ at all times
  • To be able to accommodate the software requirements of other committees
  • To look at and investigate all office areas where cost savings may be possible i.e.To work towards the development of paperless office systems and paperless meetings
  • Investigate new and modern approaches to meetings
  • Recording and translating minutes
  • Software for remote online meetings etc
  • To be able to hold live meetings defined as meetings held remotely, as on Skype, Go-to-Meeting or other similar conferencing packages.
  • Regular and adequate Training of Committee Members to ensure that Councillors are fully conversant with Local Authority financial management and accountability for Parish Councils.


Committee Members

Councillors Details

Cllr Amarjeet Hans - Chairman
Cllr Marilyn Heath
Cllr Guy Hollis
Cllr Sharon Williams
Cllr Julia Walsh
Cllr Frank Duffy