Bus Shelters

The Parish Council is responsible for the Bus Shelters across the Parish. The council took a decision some time ago to only supply traditional brick built shelters in recognition of its responsibilities in maintaining standards within the conservation areas across much of the parish.

The council receives, from time to time, requests for additional bus shelters and each request is carefully considered taking into account the siting of other shelters in the locality, usage and environmental considerations.

All shelters are regularly monitored and any maintenance required is scheduled as necessary. If and when required the NO SMOKING notices in each shelter is renewed.

  • BS101 – Denham Green (Station Parade)
  • BS102 – Denham Green (Moorfield Road)
  • BS103 – Denham Green (North Orbital Road) Near to Denham Green Garage
  • BS104 – Denham Village (Denham Avenue – North) Opposite Village Road
  • BS105 – Denham Village (Oxford Road on A40 East)
  • BS106 – Denham Village (Oxford Road – West) By Southlands Road
  • BS107 – Denham Village (Denham Avenue – South) Near Village Road
  • BS108 – New Denham (Oxford Road – North) By McDonalds.
  • BS109 – New Denham (Oxford Road – South) By FP36 leading to Alder Road.
  • BS110 – Tatling End (Oxford Road – East)
  • BS111 – Tatling End (Oxford Road – West)
  • Tatling End (Oxford Road) By Mount Road. Note: Due to health and safety reasons the County Council decided that this particular bus stop should no longer be used.